"All the fun's in how you say a thing." - Robert Frost

Brickfish Creative Services is a strategic design and public relations firm. Our goal is to create a socially responsible company that produces effective media campaigns, compelling images, memorable gatherings and energetic word-of-mouth for enterprises worldwide. Our passion is for projects that link the world community with public art and architecture.

Our creative thinking, visual design development, brand strategy and project management constitute an integrated approach to the power of design in every aspect of your enterprise.

Our job is to strengthen your image coherence across all media, reinforcing public awareness of the enterprise and successfully mounting effective events.

Brickfish Creative Services is uniquely suited to you if you are an International arts project needing design, curatorial and global publicity. Brickfish Creative Services has proven success managing international projects in arts, architecture and visual media.

Brickfish Creative Services is the design and public relations company that offers effective development of global brand awareness and name recognition through design, event management and consultation.

Our audience is the planet.


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