"I have observed with fascination our human rituals as a missionary kid American growing up in Japan, studying drawing and painting in France and traveling as a filmmaker. I work to re-member culture, reassembling stereotypical elements to find new, living combinations.

The act of making art has silenced the critic in me. What magic to be able to paint a credible old man reaching down to pick a flower! Painting is the hardest thing I have ever done. And the most joyful."


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Starbucks Morning
Oil on Canvas 2000
32" x 24"

Solveig and The Boys
Oil on Canvas 2002
14" x 22"

Spirit and Soul
Acrylic 1998
32" x 24"

Karuizawa Snow
Acrylic 1998
14" x 22"

Buddha and Child
Oil and Canvas 1999
24" x 28"

Barbie as Landsacape
Acrylic 1997
30" x 30"

Oli on Canvas 2002
14" x 22"

Childhood's End
Acrylic 1996
16" x 20"


New Year's Day


My Fathers Garden  

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