Five hundred years ago, Leonardo da Vinci designed a graceful and innovatively engineered bridge to span the Golden Horn inlet between present day Istanbul and Pera. The bridge was never built. Norwegian artist, Vebjørn Sand saw the design and, possessed with a vision to see the bridge built, worked with structural engineers to bring the design into reality. Last year, 2001, the Norwegian Leonardo Project was built.

Sand's vision has grown into a project to create a global network of permanent public landmarks identified with the artistic vision of Leonardo da Vinci to fully develop our human gifts for ingenuity, understanding and attentive awe of the natural world. A project to connect people and communities through the beauty and symbolism of this bridge.

So the Global Leonardo Project was born.

The project will honor the finest of human artistic, spiritual and intellectual endeavor by building a functional version of Leonardo Da Vinci’s 1502 “Golden Horn” Bridge design on every continent on the planet. Three sites in North America are now being developed. The team researches requests for information and public proposals and presents the design developed by Vebjørn Sand into a functional bridge. The project has been chosen by UNESCO's Bridge Schools for Peace, a network of middle schools committed to arts, mathematics and science. Further information is available on

BRICKFISH CREATIVE SERVICES is the international project liaison for this public art project.

Inquiries about the project for your community can be sent to BRICKFISH CREATIVE SERVICES.


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